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Oregon US Route US-20 Rest Areas

There are 4 (four) US Route US20 rest areas in Oregon that cover the one of the states major Eastbound and Westbound byways. If you’re planning a road trip in the state of Oregon of any distance, take a look at using Oregon Rest Areas on your route to stop at. It’s a great way not to over stress yourself. Oregon Rest Areas are designed to provide highway travelers a safe and convenient facility to rest before continuing with their journey.

Oregon US Route US-20 Rest Stop Areas

Oregon rest areas are typically roadside facilities that provide, at a minimum, parking. Although some many have picnic areas and restrooms. There are some that have even have Wi-Fi access, travel and visitor information and yes even RV dump station facilities, where RVers may empty their sewage holding tanks.

They are mainly maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and the Oregon Travel Information Council. Some may be closed due to maintenance issues without notice, its always best to have an alternate rest stop just in case.

Oregon US-20 Rest Area Stops List

Below is a complete Oregon rest area list with amenities, maps, exit/entrance images, 360 views, directions, and local weather reports. Just tap or click the ‘MAP‘ button to access all the rest area information.

US Route US-20 Rest Area (4)

Listed with milepost (mile marker)


US Route US-20 Buchanan Springs Rest Area – Bidirectional 
Mile Marker 155.9 | 24 miles east of Burns, OR
US Route US-20 Sage Hen Rest Area – Bidirectional 
Mile Marker 114.1 | 18 miles west of Burns, OR
US Route US-20 Brothers Oasis Rest Area – Bidirectional 
Mile Marker 42.8 | 41 miles east of Bend, OR
US Route US-20 Ellmaker State Park Rest Area – Bidirectional 
Mile Marker 31.9 | 7 miles west of Blodgett, OR